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Redefining Surface Protection and Indoor Air Quality

Coil Defender

Microbiota Contaminants

Ozsan is an Australian company manufacturing a range of advanced sanitising and cleaning products


Environmental pollutants have become an increasingly common health hazard in the last several decades. A number of studies have demonstrated the profound relationship between gut microbiota and our health. Gut microbiota are very sensitive to drugs, diet, and environmental pollutants. OzSan EnviroTouch uses probiotics and enzymes to out-compete mould for nutrients and moisture, preventing mould from taking hold.


Mould and Fungi

Indoor buildings create environments for the growth of microbiocidal contaminants such as bacteria, mould, fungi which can grow throughout the occupied space and within the air conditioning.


Macromolecular Organic Dust

In carpets, soft furnishings these contaminants create toxic organic fragments known as MOD – Macromolecular Organic Dust. This dust has been linked to various health complaints in buildings. Regular cleaning of indoor surfaces and air conditioning can reduce this build-up.


Dirty Sock Syndrome

In the late 1980s and early 90s, indoor air quality became a nationally recognized issue; thus, the reports of the Dirty Sock Syndrome accelerated. Harsh toxic chemicals.


What causes the odour?

How is the odour generated? Growth of mould and bacteria on the indoor surfaces is the culprit. Water and organic debris sitting in carpets and furnishings, form a fertile garden for microorganisms to multiply and thrive.


Mouldy Air Conditioners

With respect to air conditioners, this process generates moisture on the indoor coil, giving dormant microorganisms and residual organic matter new life, bringing with it unpleasant odour, airborne toxins and accompanying risks to health and wellbeing.

In today’s high-efficiency ac units, the old problem is exacerbated. Larger coils and more closely spaced fins create an expanded surface area to retain even more organic material.

In addition, they retain more moisture, stay wet longer, and their drain pans hold more water and organic debris. All of these factors contribute to a longer and more productive cycle of microbial activity. This greater activity equates to more spores, toxins, and odours for a longer period of time.

Ozsan EnviroTouch

EnviroTouch Mould and Odour Inhibitor

EnviroTouch leaves a safe invisible film with encapsulated probiotics and natural actives to protect treated surfaces against mould, biofilm and odour-producing germs. The EnviroTouch actives remain dormant for months when dry. When activated by water, probiotics outcompete mould and other pathogens for food suppressing their growth.