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World Leading Coating Technology for the Protection of Heat Exchange Coils


Corrosion Protection

OzKem formulates, develops and supplies world leading coating technology for the protection and maintenance of heat exchange coils. Our main goal is to provide long term corrosion and biofouling protection which will deliver long term energy efficiency.

The corner stone of the OzKem business philosophy is technical support. Helping customers not only with their specific issues related to corrosion protection but also more broadly with heat exchange manufacturing processes and system efficiency.


Working with Manufacturers

We partner with heat exchange manufacturers installing dipping tanks and curing ovens to build in-house procedures for the manufacturer to coat their own coils. OzKem will continue to visit the manufacturing as we develop and improve the coating procedures and technology in-house.



Corrosion costs countries like Australia approximately 5 % of GDP every year. But what exactly is corrosion and how can it be prevented?



Contamination is a natural process, which can occur on the dark internal coil surfaces and consequently it can reduce efficiency and cause acidic attack corrosion.



Our products are water based, environmentally friendly hybrid resins giving long term corrosion protection in even the harshest industrial environments.

Coil Defender and OzSan are divisions of OzKem

Coil Defender

Coil Defender - Total Protection for HVAC+R

Coil Defender

Redefining Surface Protection and Indoor Air Quality

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