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Indoor Air Quality

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Microbiotica Contaminants

Problems with indoor airflow and the buildup of toxins and how Coil Defender solves these issues.

Indoor coil the conditions usually exist for the growth of microbiocidal contaminants. Contaminants, such as bacteria, mould, fungi can grow throughout the fins in air conditioning systems creating a toxic organic fragments known as MOD – Macromolecular Organic Dust. This dust has been linked to various health complaints in buildings. Regular cleaning and coating coils can reduce this buildup.

In the late 1980s and early 90s, indoor air quality became a nationally recognized issue; thus, the reports of the Dirty Sock Syndrome accelerated. Newer and more energy-efficient units seemed predisposed to the problem. It also began occurring during the winter as well as the summer, but especially during seasons like autumn and spring, when the units would be used for heating at night and cooling during the day. The early cleaners like chlorine have been banned for use in a/c systems.

Like the earlier remedies, though, these agents do not provide a permanent solution. The problems eventually return in just a few months or less.

What causes the odour?

In order to find a permanent solution to the Dirty Sock Syndrome, it was first necessary to understand how the odor was generated. Curiously, the cause of the problem all along was the simple growth of mold and bacteria on the coil, as indicated by the effect of early cleaners.

Adding to the problem were the water and organic debris in the drain pan, which formed a fertile garden of microorganisms. The slow warming of this contaminated water released a plethora of spores and toxins into the air that served the conditioned space.
Why the problem appeared during the heating season was linked to the “reverse mode” operation for defrosting the outdoor coil. This process generated moisture on the indoor coil, giving dormant microorganisms and residual organic matter new life, and providing a simple but effective odor release and carrier mechanism.
In today’s high-efficiency units, the old problem is exacerbated. Larger coils and more closely spaced fins create an expanded surface area to retain even more organic material.
In addition, they retain more moisture, stay wet longer, and their drain pans hold more water and organic debris. All of these factors contribute to a longer and more productive cycle of microbial activity.

This greater activity equates to more spores, toxins, and odors for a longer period of time.

The Coil Defender Solution

COIL DEFENDER cleaners break down the contamination and make it easy to wash away. The COIL DEFENDER coatings are impregnated with Silver Ions, a broad spectrum EPA approved biocide usually commercially around the world to stop bacteria and mould from growing. The application of COIL DEFENDER will stop this growth and improve indoor air quality and stop the Damp Sock Syndrome.
The Coil Defender Solution
The Coil Defender Solution