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Contamination of the heat exchange surface has two major impacts on the building

  • Lost energy efficiency

Heat exchangers lose efficiency not only from corrosion but also from airborne contaminants resulting in biofouling due to mould and bacteria. Contamination of coils causes increased running costs of HVAC and refrigeration systems, increased maintenance costs and reduced occupant comfort. Heat exchange systems can quickly loose 80% of their efficiency from airborne contamination in normal day operation.

  • Poor indoor air quality

It is understood that most people spent 90% of the day indoors. Poor indoor air quality from contamination in HVAC systems can be a major factor in public health. Poor indoor air quality exposure can affect people in many different ways including skin and sensory irritation, hypersensitivity and neurotoxic syndrome to name a few.

OzKem coatings have inbuilt permanent anti-microbial inhibitors which prevent bacteria and mould from colonising of heat exchange surface ensuring maximum efficiency of the coil for the life of the coil.