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Corrosion Protection for HVAC

Corrosion is the natural breakdown of metals to their less active more neutral state. It is accelerated by Water, Oxygen, Acids and Alkaline environments. It is important to note this process is natural and automatic.

The most common type of corrosion in the HVAC industry is galvanic corrosion. Corrosion that attacks copper and has become a significant problem in the HVAC industry is called formicary corrosion.

Whichever type of corrosion is affecting the HVAC coil will lead to increase energy usage and increase maintenance costs.

Protecting the surfaces of heat exchange coils with a coating can significantly improve the longevity of the unit and reduce both energy usage and maintenance costs.


Unique water-based coatings

We have developed two unique water-based technologies for the protection of HVAC coils depending on the environment and application – ECRA-SHM and ECRA-DTM.


ECRA-SHM is full dip immersion of the coil in a large tank which allows all coil surfaces to be covered and protected. This is recommended for brand new coils and replacement coils and gives the best long-term protection against all types of corrosive attack. ECRA-SHM is a water based self-etching epoxy resin that is supplied to large OEM manufactures for dip and flood applications.


ECRA-DTM is an air assisted spray applications give good protection against neutral environments like seaside. The application is perfect for the restoration of coils already installed in the field and for coils that are being installed in commercial applications away from heavy industry. ECRA-DTM (direct to metal) is a water-based hybrid acrylic.