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Are you a Professional Tradesperson? Painter? Air Conditioning Contractor? Handyman?

Become a Coil Defender Accredited Applicator and add big $$$s to your income

Coil Defenders exponential growth is due to superior product development, innovative technology, excellence in manufacturing and customer service, flexibility and the sheer enthusiasm of the Coil Defender team. Because we’re lean, open-minded and growing fast in over 20 countries, Coil Defender staff actually get the opportunity to share and develop their ideas and are constantly challenged by new issues, new projects and ongoing change.


We will teach you to clean, protect and enhance both residential and commercial air conditioning systems, using Coil Defender’s world leading products.


We provide certification

Technical Support

We will also provide more advanced technical training as you gain experience and ongoing technical support.

Full access to Coil Defenders Warranty system. All training and support is free. We earn our money when you are successful and buy plenty of Dry-Treat products on the job.

No Schemes - No Fees

There is one catch –  we don’t train and accredited everyone who applies – we are looking for responsible, energetic, smart tradespeople with enough experience for us to know you will do a great job. Our products are world leading and it is important for us to find good people to work with them.

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Join the team and learn invaluable maintenance techniques for commercial and residential HVAC maintenance and protection using Coil Defender.